GEOCOMPLEX, a.s. successfully takes part in realization of various kind of projects in Slovakia and abroad:

Area of study Business Client
2011   Austria geophysical prospecting SILBERMINE ZEIRING VIENNA
2008-2011   Poland gravimetric survey PBG Warsaw
2006-2008   European   union GEOMIND European union
2008   Libya gravimetric survey PBG Warsaw
2005-2009   Austria geophysical prospecting SILBERMINE ZEIRING VIENNA
2002–2006   Poland gravimetric survey PBG Warsaw
2003   Bolivia gravimetric survey Vintage Petroleum Boliviana, Ltd.
2002   Poland gravimetric survey PBG Warsaw
1990-1991   Botswana consolidated emergency water supply programme in various areas of the country Hydromin Consulting PTY Ltd.
1987-1988   Hungary bauxite deposits investigations in the Tapolcafo and Harkány-Siklós area ELGI Budapest
1986-1989   Syria regional geophysical research and prospecting for ore mineralization (Fe,Cu,Cr,Pb,Zn) and diamond-vearing structures General Establishment of Geology and Mineral Resources Damascus (Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources)
1983-1984   Mozambique exploration of the mineral deposits UN project
1980-1981   Yemen hydrogeological project along mountainous streams and wades Ministry of Electricity and Water Resources
1978-1980   Iraq petroleum exploration (seismic) in the SSW Iraq desert Iraq National Oil Company
1977-1979   ;Hungary airborne magnetometry and gammaspectrometry, gravity mapping in the Pápa and Darnó ELGI Budapest
1976-1980   Nigeria exploration of Pb-Zn deposits in Anambra State Nigeria Mining Corporation
1976-1980   Nigeria groundwater projects in northern Nigeria Kaduna State Water Board
1974-1977   Iraq gravity mapping of the Western Desert State Organization for Minerals
1974-1976   Greece prospecting of the chromite deposits west of the Volos town Scalistiri Concern Athens
1972   Zambia regional gravity survey in northern Zambia Ministry of Industry
1972   Senegal groundwater project across the Senegal river UNFAO
1970-1978   Algeria hydrogeophysical and engineering geological projects in the northern Sahara Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources
1969-1977   Sudan groundwater projects in the Kordofan and Darfur Provinces Rural Water Khartoum
1964-1965   Cuba prospecting of the copper ore deposits in the NE Cuba Ministry of Industry
1958-1960   Egypt prospecting of the Cu-Pb-Zn ores in the Eastern Desert Ministry of Petroleum and Mineral Resources
1958-1964   Afghanistan petroleum exploration along boundary with the Soviet Union Ministry of Petroleum